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L.A. Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Crime Prevention and Safety.

City Wide Crime reports by e-mail should be available
in July 2019.

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City of : Chatsworth    
Station: Devonshire Community Police Station     Address: 10250 Etiwanda Ave.    Station City: Northridge    Zip: 91325
Station Phone Number: 818-832-0633                          Station GPS: 34.04394 -118.24764

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  LAPD Senior Lead Officers
What and who is my Senior Lead Officer (SLO)?

A senior lead officer is an officer in charge of a basic car area within a geographic division.
Senior lead officers provide a link that help unite the LAPD with the communities it serves.
They are responsible for monitoring crime trends in basic car areas, working with
Community-Police Advisory Boards and acting as liaisons with detectives to stay informed
of crime trends and special problems within their area.

17A23 Senior Lead Officer Daniel Del Valle 818-634-0362
17A35 Senior Lead Officer Dario Del Core 818-634-0577
17A49 Senior Lead Officer Janine Angeles 818-325-7749
17A67 Senior Lead Officer Ignacio Murillo 818-634-0495
17A81 Senior Lead Officer Ken Cioffi 818-634-0480
17A95 Senior Lead Officer Kate Luna 818-634-0579
The above Senior Lead Officers can help you with long term problems
and they can help you start or join a Neighborhood or Business Watch.

The Map below shows your Basic Car area.
Devonshire Community Police Station Neighborhood Watch

We are organized and fighting back and we will not go away.
Got Emergency - CALL 911
Non-Emergency - CALL 311

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